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SHOWCASE: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Gamesworkshop took "Warhammer" a little too literally in their revamp of the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Seriously, all of the "good-guys" carry Warhammers. And they all look like Fantasy Space Marines.


Despite Gamesworkshop's questionable business decisions, they are still the king of plastic models. They are overpriced even for me, but the Starter Sets are good deals so I usually pick those up. And more Khorne models because Blood for the Blood God.


All of the "good guys," the Sigmarites (aka Sigmarines). I thought that the fluff for this game would really make me want to paint more models but the first book "Gates of Azyr" was trash. These dudes are more OP than their Sci-Fi counter-parts. They die, they respawn. Chaos doesn't stand a chance. All of the Chaos guys managed to kill maybe one dude from that novel. I heard it gets better so maybe I'll try the next book in the series.


Winged Prosecutors. Cooler versions of Sanguinary Guard from the Blood Angels. Beautiful models.


The big boss Hammerus von Hammerhand (jk I actually don't remember his real name).


Line troops for the Sigmar army.


Guys wielding two-handed hammers.


And the Relictor. 


And the Chaos guys. These were pretty fun to paint although everything is speed painted. I finished the core box guys over the first weekend the game was released minus the human fodder. I replaced them with Blood Letter which are much nice in my opinion.


The Blood Thirster. $115 MSRP is too much for this, but Blood Thirsters have been some of my favorite in the Warhammer universe for years.


Chaos Warhound used as Fleshhounds because a box of 10 is only $25. Compared to $45 for five Fleshhounds.


The leader of the baddies with his pet.




the Daemon Prince.


My favorite after the Bloodthirster. The Khorgorath.


Various special characters. My brother painted the Skulltaker for me. I just based him to match.

Khorne Besrekers (Fantasy equivalent).

Blood letters on mechanical steads. These models are awesome.

And finally the Blood Letters.

Age of Sigmar is one of the few games I got a chance to try out with the Warhammer Austin group. They play on Tuesdays at Mage's down in South Austin. I can't say I really like the game much. It feels very unbalanced with the Warscrolls and not having limits. I know it's supposed to be a fun game where you just throw down models and roll dice... The other guys seem to have fun playing and I certainly enjoyed my games with them. Also I don't really care for playing any games anyways... I'm just a painter.

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