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WiP: The Swag Shop Part 4


The Man Cave series of the blog has been renamed to the Swag Shop (credit to Reddit user (Redditor?) Shenaniganz08 ). Man Cave sounds too crude and I think the Swag Shop works much better. I've made a lot of upgrades the painting station itself as well as the actual room. The top picture is an after shot, here's what it looked like before:


So messy...


First thing I did was to get rid of the old paint holders, they look okay, but they are very inefficient...  So much wasted space between each bottle and they extend too far into the work area. 


The new paint storage racks.


Unboxed. These are actually Nail Polish racks which are going to be re-purposed to sore miniature paints. These work better than my old ones because one design can store both the Minitaire Paints as well as the Vallejo and GW paints. You can get these racks here, but they are generic and you can also find similar ones on Amazon, eBay.


First problem, they are clear. My paint station is actually in front of a fireplace and the wall behind it not particularly pleasing. No worries, I can repaint them.


In the meantime, I got some Scrubbing Bubbles to wipe off the tabletop. Yuck.


Repainted with Krylon Semi-Gloss Black. I also sprayed over the screws after they were put in.


All of the paint beautifully arranged by manufacturer, range, and serial number. The Minitaire and Vallejo Game Air are full lines. The rest of the paints are from AK Interactive, Windsor & Newton, Citadel, Woodland Scenics, Alclad, Vallejo Liquid Metals, Comart, Tamita, Cearteax, A.Mig, Vallejo Model Color, and Reaper Master Series.

Why so many paints? Well each brand has different uses for me. I use Citadel Base to handbrush colors that are too thin in their airbrush range (Yellows, Reds, etc), Reaper Master Series for Skin, Vallejo Model and Model air for military colors, Vallejo Game Air for Fantasy and SciFi, and AK Interactive and A,Mig for weathering.

As I was also out of room to store my Khorne Army, I picked up two shelves at  Target. Man are these a pain to get into the wall. I went with expensive target ones ($25 for the longer one and $20 for the smaller one) because I didn't want the mounting brackets visible. I did not take any WiP pictures of the installation because it was a b****. In the end, the larger one doesn't even sit flush against the wall, it has a downward angle of about 1 degree, but even I am not OCD enough to fix it...


And the airbrush station. I probably should get a proper ventilation box, but I can always open the door to let paint chemicals out. Basing material goes under the airbrush booth, and spray paints below that.


This is what the entire room looks like. I even got new posters and framed them so they wouldn't look as tacky.


An unplanned convenience, but the Girls' Generation members' stage costumes fit over the wargaming table (still yet to play a game on this...)


And finally the display shelves.


In the glass Ikea cases I have all of my square board games (Fantasy Flight Games and Cool Mini or Not titles) arranged with the miniatures in the front of the boxes. The two Mega Scale Gundams take the bottom corners.


And the top shelves are for single models and dioramas. The girl in the pictures is Nurse Baemax (@Nursebaemax on Twitter and Nurse Baemax Cosplay on Facebook).


As requested on Reddit, more pictures of the display cases (without any pesky cosplayers in the way).


Super Dungeon Explore!


Sedition Wars - one of the mini games that I've been the most excited about. Unfortunately the mini quality was pretty much garbage. Props to Cool Mini or Not for coming such a long way since this. 


Some random single painted minis. Some of these I painted back in middle school (like the Tau un the background).


And the non-painting work station. Here is where I do my day job when I'm not in the office and odd jobs like website design. I also DJ for some clubs at night. I play Asian music (mainly Korean, some Japanese) which explains all the girl posters in the room.

I'm out of room to display painted models (again) and some are in boxes so there may be a part 5... I need to figure out how to fit all the year end releases like Ninja All Stars, Blood Rage, Kingdom Death Monster, and of course the Horus Heresy.

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