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Kasiyo's First Model: Pokemon Pikachu Pura Plastic Model Kit

Kasiyo got her first plastic model kit today: a Pikachu! You might have seen her modelling the Hatsune Miku Gundam I painted a few weeks back and now she's starting her own model.

Pokemon Pura Pikachu Girl Model

Completed pictures to come.

Pikachu's face. The stickers in this kit look surprisingly good. Kasiyo applied these on with tweezers.

"I found Pikachu's butt."

"It's actually the front..."

All done!

Rear view. Total build time: 30 mins.

 On my end, I finished another Gundam, with full winter camo, LEDs and weathering this time.

Thruster LEDs. More pictures to come later after the holidays.

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