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Ninja All Stars Painted! (Well some of it...)

I remember seeing this Kickstarter right before I started painting my Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King figures and thinking that these were really cool. That was until I finished the Forgotten King box and one of the expansions... and got really sick of all things Chibi. I backed this Kickstarter and kind of forgot about it and it showed up about 2 weeks ago. So far I have the Fire clan done and started on the Water clan (not sure I'm going to be able to paint all 6 clans for this...). 


Fire Clan.


Water Clan. I'm going to remount all of these onto clear bases which is why no one has their bases painted.


Closeup of the regular guys, these are my favorite.


Same but for the Water guys.


Octopodes on the hats (yes, that's the correct plural since it's a Greek word). The one one the left is based off the Blue-Ringed Octopus and the other was based one someone else's painting I saw.


Group shot!


Backs of the miniatures. All of the blue is airbrush work to save time. Nothing was brush painted except the wash at the end which was very very light. Even on such a small model, you can get so much contrast with just an airbrush.


he big octopus guy.


Commanders (I guess) of the Water clan.


This picture shows how I did some of the masking on these figures. In order to airbrush highlights on the black mask, I applied masking fluid over some blue tack. The blue tack is there to pull off the masking fluid more easily (sometime the thin layer of masking fluid gets covered in paint and it's hard to remove - to make it easier, just make a little handle of blue tack that you can pull off.


Water clan started. Faces, eyes, and blues done.


I tried a new method for painting a vibrant red. All done with an airbrush except the last step. Purple shadows, red basecoat, white pre-highlight, and orange highlight directly over the white. The white makes the orange show up much better on the red. The key is only to use a little bit of the white to let the orange blend with the red. Finally I added a mix of a red wash with airbrush thinner, water, and matte medium to blend all of the colors.


On the Warhammer end of things, USPS Lost half $200 worth of my ad mech army, but I picked up all of this stuff for 50% off, buy 2, get one free from a local store that was clearing out. The Blood Angels are for an ongoing army I'm painting for a client (pictures of those soon, but I just got a company's worth of Marines).

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