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TUTORIAL|HOW TO: Painting Red (Ninja All Stars Shrines)

I've been painting a lot of Red recently and I've had requests for a tutorial on how to get it done quickly. Recently I finished my Fire clan for Ninja All Stars, a 2500 point Khorne Daemon Army (although this red was a little different), and a bunch of Blood Angels (I have another 60 on the desk that's the next project that will be followed by a 3000 point Eldar Saim-Hann Army and a 5000 point 30k/40k Ad Mech army).


Everything here is done with an airbrush. I would be hard to replicate this effect with a brush, but it only took me about an hour and a half to finish 6 of the shrines and 4 of the lanterns including picture times. The first step is to use Vallejo Game Color Hexed Lichen and hit all the areas you want shadowed.


Next, blend Ammo of Mig Red leaving a hint of the purple shadows. You can also use Vallejo Game Air Red Primer, but I like the formula of the A.Mig colors more. They're thinner (so you can't brush paint with these) than the Vallejo Air colors, but flow a lot smoother through the airbrush.


Next we use my favorite range of airbrush paints, Com-Art to do the pre-highlight. Why a pre-highlight? Well red is a difficult color to highlight. If you mix white into your red, it will make pink and both orange and yellow are weak color and will not show up on the red. Even in thin coats, it look muddy. So I use white as a pre-highlight to let the orange show through.


Finally, blend Citadel Air Troll Slayer Orange over the white and into the red. This was my first Citadel Air paint and I have to say I will probably try out the rest of the range soon. In my Minitaire and Vallejo Game Air ranges, I have yet to find such a nice orange.


For the little figures like the Ninja, I added a wash afterwards to help blend the colors more. On a larger terrain piece this isn't necessary. I used Citadel Baal Red mixed with a drop of Airbrush Thinner (not too much because this can remove the paint!) and large amounts of water and Lahmian Medium (Matt Medium). There's not specific formula, you really have to play with the ratios.


On a side note you might notice that my pictures for this tutorial are nice and bight. For the first time since I started painting, I think I have found quick photography method that works.  After trying half a dozen cameras including some expensive DSLRs, I am going to be using mostly my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Of course for "glamor photos" I will still have my photographers.

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