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SHOWCASE: Kingdom Death Monster

Finally got around to shooting Kingdom Death: Monster! Previously I had only painted some of the figures but after setting this up, I realized how much of a monster this game really is. Hundreds and hundreds of cards that all seem to have unique artwork. I'm not really sure how the game is played but it looks like an RPG in table top from with cards to control monsters' attackers, where they are hit, and what kind of damage (or trauma) they deal to the survivors. 

Retail price for Kingdom Death Monster: $450.00 US. 


Special thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible. Chunsoo for actually shooting and Kassie (ookassioo) and Megan (meganxwj) for modelling. Also thank you Andre for tagging along and being a good sport. You can find either on Instagram. My instagram is sensei.swag. Add me too!

And the photoshoot in no particular order:


First picture of me on my own site :D

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