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SHOWCASE: Glossy Red Adeptus Mechanicus / Cult Mechanicum

Well it's been over 2 months since my last post but I have been painting. I went to Peking University in China for a "study" abroad program and spent some time in Europe also but more about that in the catch up post that I'll write when I'm falling asleep in my International Relation Capstone class tomorrow. 


Here's as close as I have to a full army shot. Can't be bothered to do another since I probably spent 6 hours shooting and editing these pictures because the camera just doesn't like Gloss Red and metal. Pictures first, WiP and some explanations after for those that care about that stuff.


Tech Priest Dominus. Just the standard model here. I want to do some thing like add fluid to the tanks but maybe later. All the models have stuff I want to add but I don't have time to yet. I would say all the figures are 85% done.


Tech Priest(ess?) Dominus. The base model is from Wargame Exclusive and I added bits from the Tech Priest Dominus kit. The backpack is from the Ruststalker's box. The goal was to make it 50% GW bits to use at events but then I decided I won't give a shit if anyone has a problem with it - your army probably isn't even painted.


Mechanicus Assassin. Forget where this is from. Some European company. The pistol is replaced with one from the Skitarii box.


Skitarii Vanguard. The Alpha again is from Wargames Exclusive.


Skitarii Rangers. This Alpha had her lower lady bits uncovered so I added a purity seal. Tried a subtle airbrush glow on the guns for this squad and the Vanguard. Think it turned out okay. I was trying to avoid the "omg-look-I-have-an-airbrush-I-paint better-than-you" look that a lot of people do with their plasma glow.


Adsecularis Tech Thralls with Mitra Locks. These guys are pretty useless - I think they're the same point as Grots but they look cool nonetheless. 


Tech Thralls with Las Locks. More cannon fodder. They could hold back field objectives maybe? I just used them as Skitarii Vanguard when I played them at WargamesCon's Doubles Tournament.


Skitarii Ruststalkers or Infiltrators. Can't remember. Glowing swords turned out pretty good for 10 minutes of work.


Skitarii Infiltrators or Ruststalkers. Whatever the unit above isn't.


Kataphron Destroyers with Heavy Grav Cannons. I hated these models at first but after putting together the first squad I got another. They're good in the game too and I've been dead last at 2 major GTs so maybe if I abuse the Ad Mech War Convocation formation I can finally win that last place game.


The other squad.


Kastellan Robots. GW's heads look like shit so I replaced with ones from Wargames Exclusive. Might get another two with flamers.


Onager Dunecrawler #1. I put the Anti Aircraft array thinking it looked cool but it can only Skyfire meaning that if I want to field one to shoot ground units I have to paint a new one with an Eradiation Beam.


Onager Dunecrawler #2. I think I'll get two more since I need 2 more Skitarii Squads for the new FW upgrade kits and that Start Collecting Box is the way to go.


Sydonian Dragoon. Another unit I thought looked like garbage until I put it together.


Mechanicum Questoris Knight. This one was harder to photograph than paint.


I think I spent more on decals than the actual kit. Besides the tiny decal sheet that comes in the Ad Mech boxes, I bought FW's Iron Hands, and both Mars sheets from GW. That's like $70 in stickers right there.


Backside view.


WiP picture. The glossy red was done like this:

1. Vallejo Black Primer undercoat (you could use a spray can but any light fuzz you get will fuck up the entire thing and better safe than sorry so use an airbrush).

2. Gloss Varnish.

2. Vallejo Metal Color Burnt Iron on everything. Spray a light layer because if it's too thick it won't be shiny. The key to this is multiple thing layers. Also it's important to use Vallejo Metal Color not the metal color from any of the Air ranges. Trust me.

3. Vallejo Metal Color Steel from the top and sides. Again thin layers.

4. Minitaire Ghost Tint Oil Discharge. This is for shading the metal. I don't really like Miniaure paints but the Ghost Tint range is pretty good.

5. Vallejo Metal Color Chrome. Highlight lightly where needed. 

6. Mask off metal area before you do the red. Or if you are smart like me you have sub assemblies.


6. Time for the Red. Basically just spray like 20-25 super thin layers of Minitare Ghost Tint Fresh Blood (thinned Tamiyz X-27 Clear Red works also but I didn't use it because I have to thin it and that takes too long).

7. The Gold is Vallejo Metal Color Bronze shaded with Minitaire Ghost Tint Brown and highlighted with Vallejo Metal Color Gold. If you followed all these steps, 90% of your model should be done and you haven't even had to use a paint brush.


The silver trim (unfortunately) has to be painted by hand. The blue shading was done with a mix of Citadel Guilliman Blue glaze, Glazing Medium, Thinner, and Minitaure Ghost Tint Blue. The knight was a the test model for this army done in an evening. I didn't get to spent too much time on it since I did it in the 2 days in between my trip to China and my trip to Europe where my job asked me to back to work on an urgent project. 14 hours form Beijing to Chicago, 4 more to Dallas, 4 hour drive to Austin followed immediately by work (and painting this) before another 4 hour drive to Dallas to fly another 14 hours to Europe.


After my trips I finally got time to work on this army. To save time I batch painted most of the army. All of the metal and red were done Chinese Sweatshop style on the whole army at once (like batch painting a squad but for the entire army).


The bases were done sweatshop style also. About 6 hours for 200+ bases. About 12 colors total. The longest time was spent building the Dunewalker and Knight bases. Cruse you GW for not making more base sizes. I added some city rubble/sand to break up some of the flat areas on the plastic bases. There are also various resin bases.


The hardest part of painting this army was making bases. I wish there was another option but resin bases are $20 each >:(


 I also found some old GW basing kits with the Resin toppers. Those are actually so much cooler than the new plastics.


Some details to break up the repetitiveness. 


All ur bases r belong 2 me


The plan was to have enough bases to last a while but I based David's Blood Angels on these and ordered 200 more that need to be done to put my Sisters and Daemons on.


Remember when I said the hardest part of the army was the bases. Scratch that, it was definitely the photography. I tried a million settings because Auto everything wasn't working and ended up having to remote shoot with a latop. The setup sure looks fancy but the laptop is actually sitting on top of my trash can.


Laptop zoomed in to focus exactly where I want and to show how bad my painting is.


Several more hours on Photoshop and Lightroom to get the lighting correct. I was surprised that even on the TV I don't see that many mistakes.


Oh I got a painting award for the knight also. Best Large/Vehicle at WarGamesCon 2016. I got a Best of Show also for a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest that I'll post tomorrow.


Added to the collection.

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