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Kingdom Death: Monster Lonely Tree

 Another weird thing from the Kingdom Death game. The client wanted to make the whole tree look alluring and psychedelic - a contrast to the darkness prevalent in the rest of Kingdom Death. The tree and its leaves are colorful and it bears fruit and weapons but when the survivors get too close, it's too late. I did different kinds of blood on the base, some dry some wet to make it look like the party that the tree claimed was only the most recent one. On the fruits, the yellow bubbles are sort of based off a green brain fruit looking thing that I remember picking them when I was little because I thought they looked cool but they actually were really sticky and nasty and I couldn't wash it off my hands.

Really hoped I captured everything the client imagined with this and I had great fun painting (but not so much with putting it together - I spent about 4 - 4.5 hours on just building with no instruction...).

Kingdom Death Monster Lonely Tree Painted Painting Lonely Muse Kickstarter Pinup-1.jpg
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