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Legio Astorum Titan Legion

Legio Astorum Titan Maniple 40k Warlord Reaver Warhound Knight-1-2 Scale.jpg

A long ongoing project that I'm doing in conjunction with my friend Maxwell who is doing a Legio Gyphonicus Maniple. The goal is to have a 40k scale Titan Maniple battle next year. I'll have 2 Reavers and a Warlord added this army probably over the summer after I finish a few other projects. Major thanks to Chris L, Chris, T, and Chris G for assembling these for me!

At one point, there were 4 Warhounds. The 3 I have are the "Canis Primus," "Canus Secundus," and "Canus Tertius." The 4th Warhound "Umbra Mortalis" or the "Shadow of Death" was done as a commission project and sent to Georgia a few months later.

Legio Astorum Warhound Titan-6.jpg

A family portriat with all my titans and knights.

Legio Astorum Warhound Titan-7.jpg
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