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Ultramarines Battle Company and Gulliman

Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company Guilliman Shiny Chome Gloss Blue-1.jpg

Here we have the man himself. The Commander of the Imperium, Primarch of the Ultramarines - Roboute Guilliman painted in metallic shiny blue. I actually finished his Battle Company awhile back but was waiting for the big boss before I took pictures.

Originally I was going to give Guillman his Horus Heresy head but I lost it and was forced to use the one in the kit which wasn't as bad as I though. I figured Guilliman had enough yellow with the gold and the fiery sword so I gave his him grey hair to since he's a pretty old dude right now. I know the Primarchs probably don't age but I wanted him to look wise. The base is painted in dark muted tones as a contrast to Guilliman's shiny armor - he's the Avenging Son and the savior to a bleak and desolate Imperium.

Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company Guilliman Shiny Chome Gloss Blue-2.jpg
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